Finally i have got my Diablo 3 Open Beta invite! My good friend Muluc is an hardcore oldschool diablo veteran and he is going to play this game for every possible second (edit: he did not). We are specially interessted about the new and auction house feature with real money. We know guys sold their items and stuff and used bots all the time but now Blizzard supports real money? Wow! We know that alot of gameplay footage is out there, but why not?

What’s the difference between the gold-based auction house and the currency-based auction house?

The gold-based auction house uses in-game gold for purchases and sales. With the currency-based auction house, players will be able to conduct these transactions using actual currency from an authorized payment method or from funds that have been added to their account. Players can choose to participate in whichever version of the auction house they prefer, on a per-transaction basis.

Of Course we are going to upload Videos. When Diablo 3 is released,  we are going to show you Guides and Tactics for every Class. If you want to see more about World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria click here. So have Fun and stay tuned for our upcomming giveaways, and dont forget to share this!


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