Air Bender and Shaolin Monk? Hell yea, we (Muluc & Gotoxy) fucking love em! No idea why Blizzard freaks out on pandas and shaolin monks but we like it. Dash, Fist, Fist, Dash, Kick. That’s how the monk rolls. Follow us as we take a closer look at the Beta game play of Blizzards new Diablo 3 class.

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“The gods guide me. You cannot win.”

The Monk is another strongly East Asian-oriented character class, although with Eastern European influence mixed heavily as well. Unlike the wizard, the monk does not originate from Xiansai.The monk is strong against large groups of enemies and he is a good champion for PvP fights too. Kick your way like Jet Li or Jackie Chan as you support your friends.

The “Key Features” of the Monks are :



    As monks land subsequent attacks, they build up a reserve of Spirit that they can expend in amazing maneuvers – disorienting multiple foes, knocking groups back, or leaping backwards out of melee.


    Monks’ melee attacks are more potent when they’re used in careful succession; they generate additional spiritual energy, deal increased damage and produce unique effects that can enable a monk to defeat nearly any enemy.


    Disciplined monks can make the force of their spirit manifest, projecting it outward with a mantra, a long-lasting mantle of power which can heal or strengthen the projecting monk or any nearby allies.


    Monks possess peerless tactical mobility on the battlefield. Any monk is able to quickly move between or around enemies, flanking them or striking at their vitals as the situation demands, and defense-focused monks are more adept at dodging enemy attacks than any other class.

As Monk you only need to dash for the win! To dash for the win means that the monk is a very fast and brutal fighter. Your skills and runes are allowing you to quickly dash towards your enemies and strike them from behind. After teleporting to your foes you can defeat them with your strong AoE attacks such as the “Kilik Like” whirlwind staff.

Hits, Kicks and Dashes are the way of a monk. Knock enemies back as you use your roundhouse kick. Or simply blend them with your holy might! Beside the fact that a monk can kick ass, he is a HEALER! Heal or buff your friends with the might of the ancient east or the might of Greyskull! Sry.

The Monk uses spirit as mana force. You gain spirit as you hit enemies. Some spells generate spirit some spells waste it. The best way is to get some spirit generating spells on your left and right mouse button. At the low levels you are always full on spirit which means that you can teleport and whirlwind all the time. With your bear knuckles or some fist weapons your a kick-ass war machine and nothing can stop you.

Monks’ martial forms commonly incorporate specialized weaponry. Even monks’ naked fists are vessels of destruction, but they can be augmented with fist weapons like the katar, a punch-dagger that’s held in one or both hands and stabbed forth at the enemy. Monks are also the only heroes trained to use daibo – banded lengths of wood used to crack skulls and whirled to deflect attacks.

As it seems to me, Blizzard gets annoying again. With the Monk you can only auto-hit when your spirit tank is empty. Same as the wizard. And yes, we hate it tough. The Monk IS a melee class who fights with his bare hands, BUT it would be cool to fight with 2 axes or a spear. Cause the monk is a very spiritual character (he reminds me on a airbender tibetan style monk) he uses spirit stones.

Our final Verdict says that the new monk class is a kick ass hero! Nothing is annoying about the monk and he just makes fun to play. The fact that you can heal your friends and make damage at the same time is awesome. We are so happy to see Way of the Hundred Fists in the full release! There is no time to wait Blizzard, please release Diablo 3.

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