Finally, the Open Beta is there. It is our first chance to get our hands on Diablo 3 so we (Muluc & Gotoxy) decided to play the wizard first. The duration of the beta was very short but it gave us a good impression of what we are going to play in the future. So lets basically explain what the main aspects of the pam-pam laser wizards are.

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“If my old masters could see me now…”

Once known  as Sorceress, the wizard, most valued for her high damage output and AOE attacks rather than her teamwork,is great against large groups of monsters but less powerful in PvP.

The “Key Features” of  Wizards are:

    Wizards claim dominion over the natural elements of Sanctuary. Crackling flames, bolts of lightning, blasts of ice and whirlwinds are at their command, and this versatility enables them to target foes’ weaknesses and bypass their defenses.

    The battlefield is covered in the forces summoned by a powerful wizard – cones and blasts that hit large groups of creatures at once, rays that punish them for standing close together, and falling rocks that crush those who idle.

    Though not as physically agile or strong as some other heroes, wizards cloak themselves in defensive magics. They can encase their skin in diamonds, create mirror images to befuddle their enemies, and harm or slow those foolish enough to strike at them directly.

    Wizards rarely find themselves without the power of magic. They can nearly always afford to cast their weaker spells thanks to their swiftly-regenerating Arcane Power, and they invoke certain powers more easily as their experience grows.

As a Wizard you only need to kite your Enemies ! That means that you slow or stun them , then your run away while you are shooting damage at them. Very simple.

If you are fighting against a large group of enemies, freeze them with your Frost Nova then a left Cick AoE Thunderwave and a right click Ice Laser your good to go…
OR you shoot those fancy Orbs at them.

Wizards wield orbs, which aren’t quite weapons – instead, they’re off-handed supplements that provide them with visions and knowledge to aid their spellcasting, or serve as reservoirs of power. Wizards also equip themselves with traditional (and often enchanted) wands, thin sticks that they use to direct monumental arcane forces at their targets.

So they use Orbs, Wands and special Wizard Hats. The first fucking thing that annoys us, is the fact that you can only auto-hit when your “Magicka” bar is empty. We hate Blizzard for that cause Diablo is a freaking gack ‘n’ slay game. But ok, in other RPG´s Mages don’t use their melee weapons. It makes sense but a Battlemage would be awsome.

At the low levels your Mana Regeneration is very high, you don’t need to use Mana pots or something else. You can cast the shit out of this poor girl. Beside that,your life regeneration is very low, you better don’t let enemies touch you or else you will get punish very easy.

Another thing  we hate is that you get a cooldown if you swap your main spells ingame . The Spellbar is very simple and short (only 4 spells + left click + right click ) so the basic game interface is  kinda lame for me. Sure you have passive skills but yes… A little hint: Go to Options ->Gameplay ->Interface -> and enable the free bar customization option. It allows you to place your spells in the slot you like,and of course to switch them via mouse click.

Our final Verdict says, that the new Wizard is very fun to play! Its a little bit annoying at the low level but we are happy to see the Archon spell in the future. But we are not happy about Disintegrate this. Lasers are Science Fiction JK. Maybe they get their impressions by the independent game Magicka or i don’t know. A lot of change happend since Diablo 2 and the new classes are very different from the old-school game. If lasers or not  fans are not going to care about it and still will buy massive copies. The only thing that matters is that Blizzard brings us a new over-patched version of the sorceress which is going to make  a hell lot of fun!

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