If the pandas from Mists of the Pandaria are necassary is not worth talking about it. They are a part of  the Warcraft Universe so why not make a fancy addon with them? When Blizzard goes on like this we are going to have a Naga Expansion pack early enough. So i dont want to hate it because i fucking love asian martial arts.

WoW is a crazy game so it maybe won’t be bad at all. I am going to check the Mists of Pandaria Beta, and  let you guys know whats happening there.  A level cap of 90 sounds annoying but for others its fun to get some new content. If you got a life or not Blizzard does not care:  you are going to buy it! So the most people dont expect too much but maybe its worth playing. And if not at least all the haters are going to be satisfied =)

For oll those who are not interessted in Kung Fu Hustlin Pandas, check out  Diablo 3.

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