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GatheringGeeks (#GGN ➚ ) is made for geeks, nerds, otakus and other fans like music producers or video casters. On this community blog you can add new friends, chat with them, invite them, host your own events on the calender and so on… There are alot of features. Just log in and use the sidebar gadget on the right. Feel free to submit your own related content or even offer your own services to the community. English and German speaking people are all welcome to join us :)

  • AWESOME User Events and Giveaways  (click here)
  • REGULAR News, Lets Plays, Livestreams & funny Videos (click here)
  • KICK ASS Multi Gaming Community:  Discord Channel (comming soon) (click here)
  • FREE  MIXES & SOUNDS FOR YOUR OWN VIDEOS:  all selfmade (comming soon) (MEMBERS ONLY) (click here)

Dont forget to leave us a comment below! Cant wait to hear from you.

*Some features are not avaible in BETA. For questions or you are interessted about writing with me, just send a message.

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