Brace yourself! Another movie from the maker of Ali G and BoratS. The heroic story of a dictator who risks his own life to ensure that democracy would fail.
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Larry Charles


Sacha Baron Cohen (screenplay), Alec Berg(screenplay), and 2 more credits »

*Spoiler Alert!*


Its an avarage funny and politically uncorrect movie from the maker of Ali G, Borat and Bruno. You can image how stupid it is. The last one was a gay guy from austria and now we get an Gadaffi like dictator. Political uncorrect avarage Arab and Jew jokes is this all we get? Its very satiric and “critic” but you can see how Sacha Baron Cohen  can’t create new jokes at all. From goat fuckers to hippie hobbits lets start this short review!

So Aladeen is a very strange dictator. As his right hand wants him to go to the USA he gets hijacked and kicked on the streets. Shaved, and all without his arabic beard. His right hand tried to kill him but his hired gun failed. Aladeen is a dictator since his birth so he doesnt know anything about the real world.

All he knows is death penalty, torture, racism and intolerance. Thats what fun about the movie. He is dictator as a man could be. So as he walks around (helplessly and uknown) he finds a hippie girl who owns a plant shop. She offered him a job. A few racist and anti feminin jokes later he founds out that his right hand had hired a goat fucking clone of him.

His right hand wanted to ensure that his Land Wadiya becomes a democratic regime and not a dictature to sell alot of oil to a gay chinese guy who let celebreties like edward norton blow his cock. As Aladeen tries to enter his old hotel and to interrupt the sign of democracy he wasnt allowed to enter. What a luck, cause the hippie girl has a catering service running into the hotel, so he accepts the job.  As he works at the plant shop he discovers his feelings for the hippe hobbit girl through masturbation and other crazy stuff. He helps the hobbit girl to raise her shop and make it better cause her catering for the Hotel was aborted.

After a load of shit Aladeen discovers an old friend of him who helps him comming into the hotel. As a deal he needs to let him build his round and not rocket like atom bomg. Very stupid. So Aladeen wants to ensure that his country stays oppressed for the rest of his life, or may he change his thoughts?

You think this is low and short information? Yes it is cause there is not much to say. It is funny but don’t make the same mistake as i did: to watch it for €





$50,812,364 (USA) (3 June 2012)

Fuck them

Greetingz , Tron

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