Hi, since I started to make videos I’ve had a big problem because my LCD screen has a resolution of 1650x1050 and that would mean that my HD Videos with 1920x1080p and 1280x720p would have ugly black bars on the side. Some of us don´t have problems with that , but most of us do. My Vegas is in German, but I do my best to translate the features correctly.

When you got a Screen with 16:9 you normally don’t encounter any problems cause you mostly don´t need to do down or upscale. So, for everyone who has problems with the bars read the short tutorial below. Other users can skip Step 2.

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Example :

If you capture your Video at a resolution like 1650x1050 as I do , you need to downscale it to 1280x720p because this is the next legit HD format you can downscale to.

If you want to go for 1080p you need a monitor with 16:9 and your video footage with a resolution of 1920x1080

If you don´t have one  you need to record at  1920x1200,  so you can downscale to 1920x1080p.

In the process of downscaling Sony Vegas crops your Video to the right format, acting like it is in a true resolution of HD so you´ll have a minimal loss of quality and pixels.

Step  1

Go to your Project Properties


Set the Template to a 1280x720p format that fits your needs. I choose HDV 720-30p (1280x720; 29,970 fps) .Make sure the resolution in the box  is the right.

Field order : No (progressive scan)

Pixel aspect ratio: 1.0000 (Square)

Output rotation: 0° ( Original )

Framerate : ( Enter the framerate of your Recording , I will choose 29,970)

Pixel Format: 8bit

Full-resolution rendering quality : Optimal

Deinterlace – ??? don’t know the word ?? : set it to Nothing or NOT ^^

and leave the rest at default.


Master bus mode: Stereo

Sample rate (HZ):  44.100 (as my windows default)

Bit deep: 8

Resampling and Stretching Quality : Optimal

Step 2

So basically, you insert your video into the timeline then you click the little cross on the clip and a popup appears. At this popup you want to click  at the very top under templates.

There you can choose between a variety of Pixel Aspects. You are going to choose 16:9 cause it’s the proper HD Format. You will see that your clip is going to be cropped in the right dimensions. That’s it for the Clip. You need to repeat that for every clip or you go to your layer and select Time Event and make the whole effect for the layer. It doesn’t work at my Sony Vegas 10 , but maybe at yours.

3 Step

Go to File —> Render as —> and choose a common format that fits your need  ( For Youtubers I recommend Sony AVC mp4. @ 1280x720p or 1080p if you can)

Make sure your Output is set to 1280x720P and you uncheck stream to output size ( this will zoom and remove letterbox etc.) .

The best codec for YouTube is mp4 I think it’s fast for your Upload.

So, you can’t go for 1080p with a resolution of ~1650x1050 without black bars cause you need to “fake” the Aspect Ratio. I think it looks pretty good and it is the only way to get normal results with a dang screen like mine .

You still can make a video in 1080p, but you know the results, Users with a big 16:9 Screen will have black bars at the left and right. But that’s not so bad I think.

For everyone who wants to make a Full HD Video I can recommend buying a bigger LCD Monitor ;) I need to do it soon.

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