The war between the most prolific consoles is getting more interessting day by day. We are waiting so long but what get is gype about new leaked playstation 4 controllers and hype about new console designs.

Again the prices of the “next next gen´s” are going to hit hard. We are waiting so long, and our so called nextgen generations are now played by the next generation.Too long they have been around. At the release time of Xbox360 they said that the new consoles shall last for about 10 years until they release new modells. Eight years are over now and we want our next nextgen so bad… Hot rumours about the so called “Thebes” or “Kryptos” are going all over the web. Leaked information about the system specs of the new generation plattforms are well known.Outdated graphics, lame game designs and all that are crying for change. Are we going to get this change soon or do we have to wait for the next 2 years?

While Sony´s new plattform “Thebes” or “Omni” is geared up with a new kind of AMD CPU and GPU, Microsofts new console is going to believe in three powerfull SOC´s and a nvidia grafik processor. A minimum of 4GB RAM seems to be the minimum on both consoles , but i heard that Kryptos is going to have a total number of 8GB or more. Besides that i have heard that they shall support up to 100gb Blue Ray Discs and have a touchpad to controll the surface. There are no pictures of the consoles to confirm that, but it sounds realistic to me.


In a Interview Sony´s Sakamato said that they are focusing on something big at the  E3 2013 at June 11-13. But maybe we are going to hear a PS4 release date earlier ? Because Sony IS currently fabricating the so called “Sarsha Chipset” on mass and they are working on a few game titles for the release. “Omni´s” Overheating problems are rumours that we don’t have to worry about as endusers as i think… Another confusing rumour is that they may not use dual shock on the new ps4.The latest pic ( thumbnail ) shows a cool looking, fat PS4 Controller with a built in touchpad and microphone for VOIP. THIS IS LOOKING GOOD!

EDIT: The playstation 4 release is in november and they are going to release 2 versions. To check out more head over to the Sony Conference that starts in about 10 hours !!

PS4 System Speccs

  • APU with GPU.
  • 4GB  GDDR5 RAM.
  • x86 system CPU with 256-bit bus.
  • Capable of 3.2TFlops of data.
  • New slight Design :  “We all feel Omni is more of a pc in its design.”


So there is not really much to say about microsoft. They are working on it , and they are going to make it good cause they are microsoft. Ive heared that you need to have a CONSTANT INTERNET ACTIVITY to use the Durango or Kryptos or whatever it´s called, but i hope that it´s bullshit. I truly hope so. The new ray tracing technology is going to surprise our eyes as you can see in the video below. A powerload of 8GB RAM and a blitter with a speed of 550 GB/s and a built in kinect 2.0 are hopefully going to give us a futuristic and a lag-free operating system. A possible release date is christmas 2013.

Xbox720 System Speccs

  • 8GB DDR4 RAM with 384 bit bus
  • Ray tracing ( Awesome new dynamic light module stuff. Video shows a demo : )
  • High speed blitter with 550 GB/s bandwidth between SOCs
  • 300 Watt Power Brick
  • 4.2 Terra Flops of data.

I hope that the  information was useful enough for you geeks out there. I think the PS4 is going to be named : Playstation 4 . What do you think ?

To check out more head over to the Sony Conference @ Sonys Livestream !

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