Finally, the long waiting for the Battlefield 4 Beta has now ended. We Premium Members now have the chance to play the game 2 days earlier than the others WOW! As long as you have preordered it, or if you own Medal of Honor Warfighter or if if you are an Battlefield 3 Premium Member of course…But yes, to be honest we all are happy about that because we all preordered something and of course all of us are premium members. Or not ?


Video Game Characters
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Video Game Characters

Some of the Beta Facts:

-Game Download via Origin
-The Preload of the Game is starting today on the 29.9.2013 at 19:00 CEST
-The Game will require about 6gb of Hardwarespace (Console 1,6-1,7 gb)

– Battlefield 4 Exklusive Beta Start (Battlefield 3 Premium Member,Digital Deluxe Preorder,Medal of Honor Member  1.10.2013 // Battlefield 4 Open Beta Start: 4.10.2013
-You need to have 64x bit OS to play the Mutliplayer

-Game Mode: Domination and Conquest Large
-Played Map: Shanghai Siege ( City with River and Skyscrapers from the Trailer)



If you are looking for other Gamers to play with feel free to join our Multigaming Community. We are open for all, we make regular Events for our Members and of course we got a Teamspeak !

Remember, the Battlefield 4 Release is on the 31.10.2013 ( Halloween ). Have fun playing the  Battlefield 4 Beta, and dont forget to subscribe :)



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