To give you some nostalgic stealth action i am going to give away a sealed 
Splinter Cell Conviction Limited Collectors Edition.

The new Splinter Cell is out and i have not played it at all. Damn. In the last months i was very inactive because of the holidays, the sun and what not else the world has to offer. Nobodys viewing my content gosh.  What to do now? Will mother ever be proud of me? I have an idea. To engage my beloved “viewership” i am going to give one of you guys one of my editions of Splinter Cell for FREE!

Its sealed and it contains a Sam Fisher figure, a steel-book case, a special game mode, a new skin and the official Splinter Cell soundtrack with over 17 tracks. So i think for a stealth fan or a collector this is awesome. Not the most expensive or rare item but hey if you like Splinter Cell and a little gamble why not. Have you guys played the latest Splinter Cell, how do you liked it? With this action i am hoping to gather some new geeks around, so please don’t forget to share it with your friends :) 

To join all you have to leave a follow at Youtube the live stream or a like at Facebook.Then comment on this post and tell me what Splinter Cell game you liked the most and why you want this game! The Contest starts only if more than 50 Users are joining. I would strongly recommend to enter your correct email or Facebook account, so that i can contact you about the prize.


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