When Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) was released some people where confused because they could not enter the online mode. The option to take a picture with  the in-game cellphone was very slow because of the fact that Rockstar Games Social Club is offline. But why ? The reason is the online part of the game. Its  large, it has a huge amount of features and there are still bugs.  The long waiting time for the release of the GTA Online mode made it possible to reduce some  of the glitches and bugs. So lets show you geeks some of the facts and features of the GTA Online mode:

  • Starting at the 1.10.2013 @ 13:00 CEST
  • Players: 16 up to maybe 32
  • Areas : Los Santos and Blaime County
  • Plenty of funny Modes and Features
  • Online Progress // Some features require enough reputation and money (seperated from offline game)
  • Microtransactions: Ingame features and content(DLCs) for real payments. No pay to win. Modified economy in the GTA 5 Online mode (faster cash)

Multiplayer and Singleplayer Activities and Modes:

Coop jobs and over 500 missions, events, gang fights, heists, cashtransporter andlocal shop robberys,  team-deatchmatch and all the classic modes. Those modes, jobs, missions and what nover ever grant you reputation and money that you need to access some of the features, cooler cars and character customization.

Other Multiplayer Activities and Sports:

Player customization, clothes and shopping, shootingrange, cinema, mountainbiking, tennis, golf, base-jumping, car tuning, street races, offroad races, rally´s with REAL driver and copilot!,  speedboat races, airplane stunts and many more. The personal crib is your main “headquarter”. You unlock more weapons, cars and other items as you play the game. Awesome! A content creator and free DLC´s. Those free and regular updates with new contents should engage us users to play it more than GTA 5. In the Content Creator you can make stuff like your own deathmatches or stuff you imagine. The updates will feature over 300 new items, 2 new weapons, capture the flag and other cool modes like planned coop robberys that need good teamwork. The bord to plan your heists will be located in your apartment. Races and funny beach packs with new vehicles ensure enough racing fun for the drivers among us.

According to Rockstar Games and other sources the GTA 5 Online mode is still a huge experiment so it will be filled up with bugs and other glitches until they release new updates and DLCs. If you see some bugs write a feedback and send it to Rockstar Games, they will fix all of the shit that we see and record to them! I hope this information was good enough for you geeks, so see you around somewhere in San Andreas ;)

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