Playstation 4 vs Xbox One. Thats whats all about at the current topics. People are crying because a couple hundred out of thousand consoles got some malfunction because of the sabotage at the factorys of the new gaming console. The workers of foxconn already said that they are going to commit mass suicide because of the horrifying working conditions. If i had to work at foxconn i would sabotage a PS4 aswell so…

Believe it or not, maybe its true but that doesnt mean that all of your Playstation 4´s are going to get the “Blue Pulse of Death. And when it happens you just got your warranty so why dont send it back and get a new one? Or just change it at your local shop. I dont think your one of the “lucky” 100 nerds who got their ps4 already, so don’t be afraid to buy one because sites like IGN are saying that they are comming with a malfunction. It was the same at the Playstation 3 when it was released, and remember we all got our working Playstation back! About the Xbox One there is nothing to say, what they announced so far sounds like a “poorer” version of Sony, and their new features are seeming even more “greedy” as they where until now (just my first world biased opinion).

So now lets come to the stuff that really matters, the HARDWARE of our so called NEXTGEN consoles. Lets do a real Playstation 4 vs Xbox One fight. Ive been already following it since they announced some facts, but here ive made a quick comparison chart with the most important hardware specs and of course the features:

PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison Chart

Here you can buy the Playstation 4 ( Amazon ):
Here you can buy the Xbox One ( Amazon ):

Those are the most important basic facts about the consoles so now its maybe easier for you to decide more rational. But think my friends, you cant make a wrong decision on this because its a console. And Consoles are there to have fun and enjoy your time, and this expierience you are going to have with both of the systems ;) Dont be into that Playstation 4 vs Xbox One Fanboy Fight, just buy the one you like and be happy with it. If its got a “Blue Pulse of Death” change it at the shop as said before. So if your a hardware nerd you are going to get it like me, but maybe you want to hang out with the relaxed Xbox Community and play their exclusive titles, so its up to you. I hope you are going to buy the right plattform for you, ill see you ingame!

And hey, dont forget im trying to make a  livestream and a youtube show. You can check it out any time if you like *gg* Im happy about subs and some feedback!


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