Worst first Grand Theft Auto 5 Deathmatch EVER!

Yeah, what else would you suspect on a title like this? Years after waiting for a second visit in Los Santos we finally got our ticket. Uncle Rider just picked us up from the airport and now we are in the town. So what to do now? Aaah yeah, there is a fancy new online mode in town. With gangs, creeps, shootouts n what else not. So why not check it out? Hahaha thats what our Geek was thinking. Our poor Geek wanted to play his first deathmatch in GTA 5 Online EVER, but this resulted in permanent trolling. Not that he would annoy other people, naaaaah.  No chance to spawn, to chance to kill, AND NO CHANCE TO LIVE! See how our poor Geek gets ripped apart from the Randoms of Grand Theft Auto V ONLINE.

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All Geeks & Nerds are welcome! Feel free to join us in battle or anything you like :) Let your comments below and tell all others whats on your mind, dont forget this is a community interactive channel!

Hier ist jeder Geek & Nerd Willkommen! Spielt einfach selbst mit, schaut euch einfach die Show an oder teilt eure Gedanken mit der Community. Bleibt also immer am neusten Stand und mischt aktiv mit, denn hier formt die Community das Programm !



















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