The brand new “Mecha-Shooter” is finally out. The Game was already overhyped before it was in Beta. Now i finally got my hands on it. We are going to take a look on the maps and the featured modes while we try to get the most possible fun out of those “Mecha Otaku Dreams”. I know its not Evangelion BUT we have Call of Duty combined with it so lets give it a try ok?


In Titanfall are typically clean and made out of cold steel like in any other Science Fiction Games. You cant find any warm or comfortable Place for your Pilot to camp like in other shooters but in overall the maps are pretty tight and close quarter type. Its not like BF Maps and they are bigger than CoD Maps so it fits perfectly for your Titan or the Pilot. They are definetly designed for rushing around and not camping if your a pilot. In Titan Mode you should walk and dash carefully all over the maps there are objects that you can ride, like a rope or stuff and you can pretty jump everywhere and run your own paths. The only bad thing is that you cant shoot through walls and you cant destroy your environment, thats poor for NEXTGEN. And yes, of course you can get new Titans and weapons, skills, perks and what ever ;) You even got a new feature called “Burning Cards” which allow you to use a one time extra when you die.


I am pretty sure that the most awesome Mode in Titanfall is Last Titan Standing. Every player starts with a Titan and has to kill the other enemy team. When all Titans are defeated the Game is over. This Mode gets the full out of the Mecha Gameplay. Covering corners, dodging missiles, raging hard, this is Mecha Madness! If your Titan gets destroyed you still can run around as a pilot and try to get the others down.


This Mode is a normal Conquest Mode like in the Battlefield Series only filled with nasty annoying Bots, a non destructive environment and Titans instead of all Vehicles. Your Team has to capture and hold as many bases as possible to get the enemy tickets to zero and finally win the round. Its fast paced, full of action and i bet verys funny if you play it with a team. One cool new feature: your Titan can guard/protect you while your inside a house capturing a point. Definitely better than a rubbish Ghost Dog. One point for Titanfall!


Is exactly what the name says, both teams are spawning as pilots and have to steal the enemys flag to take it back to their base. Depending on how much and fast you earn Score by killing people your titan will spawn sooner, like in any other mode but the Last Titan Standing. Again its very funny and full of action because of the wallrunning and double jump mechanic with your pilot. This can lead to hardcore chases on walls or rooftops.


Reminds on a poor mans Death-match again only filled with nasty critter bots like in the other game modes. Your Team have to kill the other teams pilots until their tickets reached zero. Again you can order a Titan the faster you kill and gain score. This Mode is pretty boring i guess.


Is just the same like Hardpoint but filled with more bots again. Its for new Players and you have to kill everything you see to win faster. Thats all cannot say more about this Titanfall Mode.


Its a faster and more movement related Call of duty with big Mechas and Science fiction setting. The handling is far better and the graphics as well. Everyone who likes a braindead nonstop Shooter with big Robots and hardcore action gameplay should check it out. The only annoying fact could be the player limit and the endless NPCS and Critters that disstract you from aiming. So guys, i told you all i could say about the maps and modes just lay back and take a look for yourself. If you wanna see more action and upcomming giveaways hit that subscribe button and check out the next Videos!

Have fun playing Titanfall – Peace!


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