Since i started World of Warcraft  again i’ve done my researches on how to farm gold on 5.4. With  minimum effort and very little amount of gold spent. All my favourite spots got nerfed and patched out by Blizzard so i had to find new ones that are not overfarmed on my realm. And my realm is Blackrock EU, i would say there are a lot of players.

So this Guide shows you all spots in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to farm Skyshard (extreme rare), Mote of Harmony, Guo Lai Cache Key, Windwool Cloth and what else not. You even get a lot of ore and other jewel or mining craftables when you use the potion of luck (recommend on all farming adventures).


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World of Warcraft Gold Farming Guide:
Vale of Eternal Blossoms 

LOOT: Skyshard, Mote of Harmony, Guo Lai Cache Key alot Greens and more!
Potion of Luck required! [40-50g AH]

You need at last a well geared character at the level of 90, or else you would not care about wow gold anyway. As next you need to be available to go into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, you have to complete a quest chain to get there before but normaly you have this on 90. At next you should have done some of the quests of Golden Lotus and Shado Pan, but as i said normally you have done this already as a normal level 90 looking for wow gold.

I’ve made some new videos to show you guys where and how i farm them ;)
So here we go watch my first WoW Gold guide!The spots are listed below and yes its an ad link (free to use).

First Spot

Second Spot

Good Windwool Cloth Spots

Fishing Spots (Jewel Damio, Redbelly Mandarin)


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