You want to hear the sound of your PC and your console over your speakers and your USB headset without delay and white noise at the same time?

When i bought the Live Gamer Portable i was rageous because i simply couldnt do it because windows and avermedia not having solutions. Its possible with bridging/listening to your default HDMI device over stereomix but it causes wierd interference and white noise. Unhealthy. The sound quality is in overall just bad when you do it the old fashioned way. I will show you how i finally managed to get my sound working.Without a delay and at up to three outputs at the same time, its god damn nice! Its even fine to adjust the sound levels and effects.

Hardware Requirements:

1x PC Speakers (3,5mm Jack)

1x USB Headset (e.g Logitech G930)

1x USB MIC (optional)

2x HDMI Cables

1x Avermedia Live Gamer Portable (or another capture card with hdmi + 3,5mm Jack passthrough/inputs/outputs)

Software Requirements:

Voice Meeter Banana

Live Gamer Portable / Capture Card – Drivers/Firmware

Open Broadcaster Software (optional)

The Hardware:

I recommend to turn of your PC.

1. Connect your PC speakers to your green audio output on on the back of your computer (test if it works)

2. Connect your Video Card HDMI Output per HDMI to your capture card HDMI input

3. Connect your Live Gamer Portable / Capture Card HDMI output per HDMI to your TV/Monitor HDMI input

4. Connect one end of the 3,5mm Cable to the audio outut of your Capture Card and the other end in the pink audio input on the back of your computer (test if it works e.g. Xbox360)

5. Connect your Capture Card per USB to your Computer like its manual says.  (test if it works)

The Software:

1. Install and update all of your Live Gamer Portable / Capture Card drivers and firmware

2. Download and Install Voice Meeter Banana

3. Download and Install Open Broadcaster Software (32bit)(optional)

4. Restart your PC

5. Go to Windows Playback Devices and change your default speakers to Voice Meter Input

6. On the left you see Hardware Input 1, here you choose WDM: “Your favourite Microphone”

Press A1/A2 to hear yourself, let B1 enabled // Under Audibility use Use Comp.(2.2) for better audio and Gate (~3.8) for removing background noises // Adjust fader to your likings ~ -2dB

7. On the left you see Hardware Input 2, here you choose your Live Gamer Portable / Capture Card as Microphone (3,5mm Jack in the pink audio input e.g Realtek High Definition Audio)

Press A1+A2 to hear your source sound, let B1 enabled // Adjust fader to likings ~ -23.0dB

8. In the middle you can see Virtual Input (Voicemeeter VAIO)

Press A1+A2 to hear your default PC sound in your mix, let B1 enabled // Adjust fader to your likings ~ -1.5dB

9. On the right you see Hardware OUT. On A1 choose WDM: “Your USB Headset” and on A2 choose WDM:”Your Speakers”

Thats it about Voice Meeter, explore the software to learn more but this is the basic principle

Avermedia ReCentral Settings

Platform= Current PC, Video Source= HDMI (Settings: Expanded), Audio Source: HDMI, Video Settings: MP4, 1920.x1080, 60Mbps, 256kbps, 30 FPS

Avermedia StreamEngine Settings

Source: Video=HDMI, Audio=HDMI,  Video Settings: 1280x720, 60Mbps, 256kbps, 60 FPS


Now if you wanna stream or record your microphone, computer and console sound while hearing it crystal clear at your usb headset and speakers the same time i recommend Open Broadcaster Software, its free. Im not going into the basics of how to setup your Open Broadcaster cause its very system related but im going to do the basics that you can make a nice recording while having no worries about audio stuff.

My Open Broadcaster Software Settings

Code: x264, Quality=10, Max.Bitrate=1000, Custom Buffer enabled, Buffersize= 0, Codec=AAC,Format=48kH, Bitrate=128, Channel=stereo

Broacast: Only recording

Video: Custom=1920x1080, Scale down= 1,50(1280x720), Filter= Lanczos (best details), FPS=30, Deactivate Aero enabled

Audio: Desktop Audio= Standard, Mic/Aux.= VoiceMeeter Output (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter) <— MOST IMPORTANT STEP!

Advanced: Multithread=enabled, Priority=normal, Scenebuffer=700, x264 CPU Preset=veryfast, EncodingProfile=main, Keyframeintervall=0, Use CFR enabled

1. First you deactive the red speaker symbol on the right in the main menu.

2. Then you will ad your Live Gamer Portable Stream Engine as a source and check it to show video.

3. Drag it around until you like it. Maybe you will ad a Webcam with a overlay aswell (jpeg, png etc.)

And bam there you go, thats it! You are ready to rock the world of videogames without having to replug or wire things up again.

If you wanna stream just connect it to your provider (twitch, hitbox). Listen to your viewers/fans for adjusting your mix.

Its day time? Just use your speakers for both consoles and pc audio no matter if you wanna record or just play.

Its night? Use your god damn wireless USB Headset  and Live Gamer Portable / Capture Card without any delasy while using both console and pc audio. Thats it.

A few hints:

Save your VoiceMeeter and Open Broadcaster Settings, adjust your Windows Application audio levels in the mixer at the right bottom of the taskbar, write down your Windows Live Mixer output levels to remember it (Night/Day). If you wanna use Skype Conversations in your VoiceMeeter Mix use VoiceMeeter AUX Output as Speaker output under Skype settings.

Be sure to open OBS/StreamEngine before opening skype or it will not show in OBS source list! I hope it helps, it finally opended the door i tried to unlock so long.

A how to about retro consoles will follow…

Now i can hang out on the couch or infront of the pc and seemlessly switch monitors and speakers ;)

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