Greetings fellow geeks,

Since there are not many of you left (and there never was a quite amount of active members) i became very inactive and let the project down. The goal was not that i make content alone but rather to gather friends and new geeks that want to create unique videos and so on together to make community events and raffles possible. Sadly non of the people that agreed on writing content showed up so i tried to fill the website with self created articles and videos as kind of placeholder and training when it comes to content creation. Therefore it is/was very bad in all creative aspects so don’t be shy to comment it. But enough of that sad talk!


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A friend of mine (Steinhagen) motivated me to stream again and that’s awesome. Other buddies agreed on helping and playing games together as they think it sounds like a good fun. Thanks to them we can try to start improving the project and to make better or actual regular content to gather more geeks for our future goals. You can expect more streams, videos and news in the next two months. The website got a little overhaul, updates and our friends are motivated to play any new game that supports multiplayer. If you like to collaborate or write with us please just hit me up with a message!

What can you expect? 

  • Giveaways
  • Youtube videos
  • Community events
  • User based live-stream
  • News, reviews & guides
  • Royalty-free soundtracks
  • and maybe more if you have good ideas!

User Features:

To unlock all user features just go to the login tab and create an account (dont use your real password since there is no SSL). After you joined you can enjoy some of the features and take part in the raffles. On the sidebar you have a poll and all user features listed.

  • Vote!
  • Friends
  • Messages
  • Profile Picture
  • Status Updates
  • Join or host events
  • Comment on articles

As stated above there is a new motivated team of friends and hopefully you are in as well! If you got any ideas about improvements, show agendas or any other thing feel free to hit us up. If you want an invite to a game just join our discord!

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Kind Regards,
The Gathering Geek


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