GGN ➚ | Tutorial: Capture Card and USB Headset

You want to hear the sound of your PC and your console over your speakers and your USB headset without delay and white noise at the same time? When i bought the Live Gamer Portable i was rageous because i simply couldnt do it because windows and avermedia not having...

GGN ➚ | Guide: Mists of Pandaria Gold Farming

Since i started World of Warcraft  again i've done my researches on how to farm gold on 5.4. With  minimum effort and very little amount of gold spent. All my favourite spots got nerfed and patched out by Blizzard so i had to find new ones that are not overfarmed on...

GGN ➚ | Review: Titanfall, Xbox One

The brand new "Mecha-Shooter" is finally out. The Game was already overhyped before it was in Beta. Now i finally got my hands on it. We are going to take a look on the maps and the featured modes while we try to get the most possible fun out of those "Mecha Otaku...

GGN➚| Review: Smite (Moba of Myths)

Clash of the ancient gods. A moba that we wish to play for a long time. The ancient mythology is the damn godfather of fantasy.  Why is this game released so late? Why did nobody made a moba about real mythology before? The Geek takes a look at one of the first third...

GGN ➚ | Grand Theft Auto V Deathmatch

Worst first Grand Theft Auto 5 Deathmatch EVER! Yeah, what else would you suspect on a title like this? Years after waiting for a second visit in Los Santos we finally got our ticket. Uncle Rider just picked us up from the airport and now we are in the town. So what...

GGN ➚ | Giveaway: Splinter Cell Conviction

To give you some nostalgic stealth action i am going to give away a sealed Splinter Cell Conviction Limited Collectors Edition. The new Splinter Cell is out and i have not played it at all. Damn. In the last months i was very inactive because of the holidays, the sun...

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