GGN ➚ | Review: Titanfall, Xbox One

The brand new "Mecha-Shooter" is finally out. The Game was already overhyped before it was in Beta. Now i finally got my hands on it. We are going to take a look on the maps and the featured modes while we try to get the most possible fun out of those "Mecha Otaku...

GGN➚| Review: Smite (Moba of Myths)

Clash of the ancient gods. A moba that we wish to play for a long time. The ancient mythology is the damn godfather of fantasy.  Why is this game released so late? Why did nobody made a moba about real mythology before? The Geek takes a look at one of the first third...

GGN ➚ | Review: Diablo 3 Beta, Monk

Air Bender and Shaolin Monk? Hell yea, we (Muluc & Gotoxy) fucking love em! No idea why Blizzard freaks out on pandas and shaolin monks but we like it. Dash, Fist, Fist, Dash, Kick. That's how the monk rolls. Follow us as we take a closer look at the Beta game play of...

GGN ➚ | Review: Diablo 3 Beta, Wizard

Finally, the Open Beta is there. It is our first chance to get our hands on Diablo 3 so we (Muluc & Gotoxy) decided to play the wizard first. The duration of the beta was very short but it gave us a good impression of what we are going to play in the future. So lets...

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