GGN ➚ | Tutorial: Capture Card and USB Headset

You want to hear the sound of your PC and your console over your speakers and your USB headset without delay and white noise at the same time? When i bought the Live Gamer Portable i was rageous because i simply couldnt do it because windows and avermedia not having...

GGN ➚ | Guide: Mists of Pandaria Gold Farming

Since i started World of Warcraft  again i've done my researches on how to farm gold on 5.4. With  minimum effort and very little amount of gold spent. All my favourite spots got nerfed and patched out by Blizzard so i had to find new ones that are not overfarmed on...

GGN ➚ | How to get cards in Pokemon Online TGC

Today im going to show you how to get cards in Pokemon. The good thing about the Pokemon Online TGC is that there is no shop. The bad thing about it, is that you have to actually walk to the next shop and buy a real booster. No just joking its a good thing. Cause you...

GGN ➚ | How to record and livestream consoles

Problem: The Pinnacle DVD Instant Recorder is annoying and Xsplit or OpenBroadcaster won’t hear Dazzle Box Audio -.-" Solution: It’s because of their shittynes. We need to find a better kind of Pinnacle Software or we need to route the sound to our Apps. Read the...

GGN ➚ | Tutorial: How to make a 1080p video with a 16:9 Monitor

Hi, since I started to make videos I’ve had a big problem because my LCD screen has a resolution of 1650x1050 and that would mean that my HD Videos with 1920x1080p and 1280x720p would have ugly black bars on the side. Some of us don´t have problems with that , but...

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